Fresh Start

I’ve been blogging for nearly eleven years now.  I started when I was 18 on Blogger.  Unfortunately, I deleted the earliest entries, so I can’t remember anything that I wrote.  I’m sure it was all very mundane.  I’ve had many reincarnations of journals since then.  My favorite was Vox, since it connected me to some amazing people.  Unfortunately, it shut down in 2010.

I’ve been on WordPress ever since, but lately have been feeling uninspired by blogging.  Why not make a fresh start and get back to basics?  I don’t promise much, but hopefully you will find my misadventures somewhat entertaining.

And I realize that I named my blog “Don’t Call Me Cute,” but then picked a background of balloons.  Boyfriend said I’m whimsical and that it fits.  I’m okay with being whimsical.

I’m even okay with being called cute but shhh…don’t tell anyone.


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