Wide Awake

Lately I cannot fall asleep.

I’ve never particularly enjoyed the act of falling asleep. Even as a child, I dreaded going to sleep because I always felt like I was going to miss out on something “important.”  Nighttime always had this elusive, magical quality to it, and I wanted a part of it.

But naturally, once I FALL asleep, I don’t want to get up ever.

For most of this year, I have been tired.  Really tired.  I’ve been pretty anemic but taking my iron pills would be too easy of a solution, right?  So I wallowed in my tiredness and just slept.  I was lots of fun on Friday nights, as you can imagine.  I only get to see Boyfriend on weekends anyway, so Friday nights consisted of, “Yay Boyfriend, happy to see you ZZZZZZZZZ.”

But I’ve been taking my iron pills consistently and have started running again. So I don’t know if iron pills + running = ninja energy combo, but suddenly it is midnight and I am AWAKE (even though I have to wake up early tomorrow to drive back home and then wake up early the day after that for field work, but who cares? Because I am AWAKE.)

I just noticed that there is a bunch of “related content” at the bottom of this page for insomniacs and iron pills.  Um, that’s creepy WordPress, but whatever.

I guess I should try and sleep now.



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