Stop With the Slacktivism

It would be nice to get on Facebook and not see pictures of abused or dead animals.  I’m not posting this to cause any drama or call anyone out specifically, because a lot of people do it.  Their hearts are in the right place.  And I respect that. I really do.  And I understand that sharing these pictures is meant to raise awareness about these issues and to start a dialogue.

But if you think about it, sharing these pictures is just slacktivism.  What good does posting these pictures actually do?  Does sharing these pictures actually help the plight of abused or shelter dogs? I can understand sharing items about dogs who need good homes.  But pictures of dead or abused animals?  Consider your general audience on Facebook – aren’t most of them animal lovers?  If not, then send those pictures to them individually.  The rest of us don’t need to see it.

And I suppose I could just “scroll down” but it’s kind of hard to ignore when the pictures take up half of your browser.



4 thoughts on “Stop With the Slacktivism

  1. I try not to over-post on Facebook. Somedays I’m really bored and that doesn’t work out, but the more *photo! photo! post! photo!” you do, the less people pay attention.

    So when it comes to causes, I try to only share petitions and the sort. Something that might actually get something done.

    Also, I’ve hidden some of the worst offenders and my feed is happier for it.

    • I really love the articles you post because a lot of them are feminist and thought-provoking. My brain can actually learn something from your feed, as opposed to many on my friends list, who just share mindlessly.

  2. Overposting on Facebook is why I post more pictures on Instagram. The other week a woman posted a picture of their dead born baby because they wanted to raise money for some kind of charity thing. Honestly I don’t know what to say..

    • Oh my goodness, why would someone post that on Facebook? That is horrible. Yeah, I like Instagram for pictures more because it’s a smaller group of people that I trust and like on there.

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