A Day Off

I have a day off today, and then another one on Monday.

It is glorious.

It almost didn’t happen.  Typically at the end of August, the department has to finalize a ton of monitoring reports for a big client.  I wrote two that had already been wrapped up and sent off before the deadline.  I was helping a project manager complete two more.  I thought that maybe I could get them reviewed and leave for a day off without guilt, since he’d incorporate the comments as the primary report writer.

Then I found out he was taking today off, too.

But it all worked out.  The reviewer is actually very familiar with the site and my project manager didn’t think I’d need to hang around while she makes her edits, since he felt comfortable with her making the final call on any questions.

So – day off for me.

The reporting was still on my brain, apparently. I had dreams about data and I remember talking to Boyfriend in my sleep about how he should expect data soon.  “What are you talking about?” he said.  “Groundwater concentration data!” I replied.  That’s when my rational brain took over and realized that Boyfriend is a chemist, not an environmental engineer, and does not care about groundwater contaminant concentrations.

Damn it, brain.

So far it’s been a fairly productive morning.  Granted, my bar is set very low.  I’ve been relaxing on the couch for an hour and a half, BUT I revised all my timesheets and made a vet appointment for Puppy later today.  And I’m about to head out on my run.

The pup, by the way, has been super snuggly.  There is construction going on at the floor above Boyfriend’s apartment since that unit had caught fire earlier this year (now, that was a crazy day).  Apollo has not been happy about the construction work and has been very barkative.  The workers have not been helping – they have just been throwing large bags of trash off the second floor instead of walking it downstairs.  The first time I heard the noise, I was convinced that a hit and run had just happened outside. 

On tap for the day – run, lunch, shopping, stop procrastinating on my D&D character and actually make it (it’ll be my first time playing…I feel like I’m going to unlock a nerd achievement when I do), and vet appointment.

I just need to get off this couch and away from this incredibly snuggly dog first.




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