Half Marathon Training – Week 4

Last  week wasn’t a good week for training. I didn’t run at all.  I mean, if I really wanted to, I could have, right?  It’s all excuses.  On Monday I went grocery shopping.  On Tuesday I had drum lessons.  I stayed late at work on Wednesday and had an exhausting day in the field on Thursday.  On Friday I went to see Boyfriend.

On Friday night, as I ate the jellybeans I should not have bought, I thought, “I don’t feel like running tomorrow.”  So on Saturday, I stayed in bed and then made breakfast with Boyfriend instead of running.  It was nice and I tried not to feel too guilty about missing a run.

On Sunday morning, I woke up later than I’d expected (9:20), which meant I’d slept over 9 hours.  “I MUST RUN TODAY,” I told myself.  I procrastinated for awhile, but finally was out the door by quarter till 10.

The first ten minutes of the run were a little uncomfortable.  It’s not like I couldn’t do it; it’s just that I didn’t want to.   My knee hurt just slightly, too.  But after I warmed up, I felt better and less tired.  I ended up running close to 30 minutes, which is about a mile less than what I should have targeted.  But all that matters is that I was out there and I did it.  I’ll be much better about staying consistent this week.


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