Being Crafty – Zombie Cross Stitch Project #1

I mentioned in my post last week that I was going to start a zombie cross-stitch project.  I have added one person to the list of recipients, so I have four projects to complete by the end of October. I’m not sure how realistic that is, but whatever.

So I made a post last week about all the rain we were expecting.  It actually was not THAT bad.  I’ve seen and driven through much worse.  But I went on and saw that the area I’m in was projected to get really heavy rain.  Like, dark red on the radar.  So I was like, “Nope,” and decided to work from home.  Then I found out that we had a flash flood warning and felt validated…for maybe all of twenty minutes, when I realized that our area was not getting any of the heavy rain.  In fact, it had stopped raining by the afternoon.

I felt stupid about leaving work early…but the bonus is I was able to work on my first project, which is for my brother Patrick:

Half of a SCARY

Half of a zombie…ooo SCARY

The end result is a zombie dressing like he’s from Office Space or something.  Get it?  “Work bites,”  hur hur.  You can tell where my hoop has been since it looks really wrinkled.

I have some quibbles with this kit.  First, the patterns are really small and it’s hard to differentiate between the symbology for some of the colors.  For instance, with this pattern, I apparently was supposed to be using a dark gray for some of the stitches, but it was virtually indistinguishable from the black in some areas.  Also, even though the front of the kit declares that it has enough materials for three projects, it neglects to mention that it has material for three SELECTED projects.  For instance, this particular pattern does not come with all the grays that the chart says you need.

So, instead of using dark gray, I’m just stitching black. Whatever. At the end of the day, no one will know that, except for me (and you guys).

To give you all some inspiration:

Breaking Bad

The detailing in this is AMAZING!  I was in awe when I first saw it.  You might as well be looking at a photograph of Bryan Cranston.  Now this is definitely cross-stitching done right.


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