A Catch-Up Post

Hey two people who read this blog!  I have not written in a while.  The past two weeks have been busy, but fun.  It’s officially fall in Texas, meaning that the weather will actually drop below 90 degrees sometimes.  I have used these opportunities to my advantage and have started wearing boots.  After nearly thirty years of being alive, I have finally determined that fall is my favorite season, and part of it is that I can finally start wearing boots with my dresses and jeans.  I don’t care if it’s still 80 degrees outside – BOOTS.

Let’s see.  Two weekends ago, Boyfriend and I went to a lecture by PZ Meyers about bat evolution.  It was really interesting.  I am probably in the minority when I say this, but I think bats are really cute.


And besides being cute, they are incredible little creatures.  The lecture discussed how bats are evolutionarily linked with mice, which was really cool. Afterwards, we were able to meet Dr. Meyers and get a signed copy of his book.

Later that evening (after getting caught driving in really bad rain…YAY), we went on a bat cruise.  During the fall, every night around sundown, bats will emerge from one of the bridges downtown and fly out to the night.  A really popular tourist attraction in my city is to watch the bats fly out from under the bridge on autumn nights. I had never seen so many bats in my life.  It was amazing.

This past weekend was a fairly nerdy one even by my standards…I bought too many books on Friday night, spent Saturday playing Magic and D&D, and worked on a tricky Excel spreadsheet for work on Sunday.  I’m not sure if I wrote the formula correctly for my spreadsheet, but it was a challenge since my knowledge of Excel is fairly basic (Index, Match for multiple criteria, anyone?)  But I eventually got it to work, and that was really rewarding.  We also took Puppy to Weenie Fest.  I went all grunge by wearing a lacy dress and boots I’d bought from Target.  Unfortunately, my grunge self stepped on poor Apollo’s paws TWICE at the Fest.  Poor baby.  Also, it was really warm outside. I had been expecting the “cold” front to roll in by then. NOPE.

Grungy boots

Grungy boots

I belong in a Hole video.

I belong in a Hole video.

My dress is forest green instead of red, but you get the idea. I was very hesitant to purchase the boots, because my math-challenged coworker Chloe wears boots like these all the time, and I don’t want to be a Chloe clone.  However, I’ve seen enough women wear these boots, so I figured it’d be okay.  I bought them and I love them.

Then later, Boyfriend and I watched Gravity, which is a great movie.  There were moments where I felt legitimately terrified.  The cinematography is fantastic and while I generally do not think seeing a movie in 3D is worth the extra money, I’d say it is in this case (even though the usher gave me a student discount, meaning I only paid six bucks for the ticket.  Does this mean I look 22 or younger? Haha!)

Of course, I had this song stuck in my head the whole time (including an earlier version of the song to be a hipster).

I have also been running, which I’ll update in a future post.  And crafting.  I’m still working on the “Work Bites” project, and I’m hoping to get that done this week. I still have three more projects to make for my dudes by the end of this month, so I need to hurry up if I have any hope of finishing by Halloween.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy…I’m going to get on a couple of design projects, which I’m really excited about. I haven’t done any design so I’m really interested in seeing how that goes.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


4 thoughts on “A Catch-Up Post

  1. sounds like a good weekend. I can’t decide if i want to see Gravity or not. I’m guessing I won’t like it, but maybe i would. Maybe i’ll catch it later, although i’m renting movies and going to movies a lot less these days.

    The boots sound fun.

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