A Very Lazy Weekend

This weekend was so cozy and lazy. I loved it.

It’s fall here in Texas and though the weather may not be chilly, we’re getting our fair share of rain.   We had some torrential rain this weekend, which was fortunate since we are in a drought and desperately need it …but unfortunate since everything flooded.  ACL was actually canceled because apparently, Zilker Park was a swimming pool.  There was not much flooding near where I live, luckily.

This weekend’s respite was needed, especially after a sometimes frustrating week.  I took so many naps this weekend! I had no idea why I was so tired.  I did run six miles on Saturday with my training group, so perhaps that had something to do with it.  We visited a couple of bookstores on Saturday, and I actually did not buy any books; success!  We left my apartment only once yesterday, to go shopping for food.  I cooked and cleaned a little yesterday, got caught up on work, worked on my cross-stitch, finished the PZ Myers book, continued reading Game of Thrones, and even worked on my writing. I drank tea and painted my nails.  I snuggled with Apollo and Boyfriend and watched Buying Alaska, which is a really entertaining show.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about couples who want to buy a home in Alaska.  The prospective buyers always say things like, “Wow! This outhouse is so big!” and never seem deterred if the prospective home takes, like, a half hour to reach by snow machine.  And if they ask why there’s some sort of weird contraption on the house, the answer is always “to keep bears away.”

I also practiced my drums.  I feel much better than I did earlier this week, when I wrote that emo blog post about disappointment.  I’m older now and more mature, and I can’t beat myself up for mistakes I made when I was younger.  Plus, I can either use my disappointment to fuel my ambitions, or stay stuck in my laziness.  I choose the former and I feel much better about it.  Besides, I can’t expect to be a great drummer overnight.  Michael is starting to do some really awesome things with his career, but he’s been a professional musician for almost 20 years.  Likewise, another person I really look up to, Suchi (my best friend’s older sister) has had her writing published in Slate, Huffington Post, and the New York Times this year…but she’s also been writing for over ten years. 

Point is – I cannot expect to be fantastic at anything if I don’t put work into it.  And even when I do put work into it, I should expect to be working at it for a LONG TIME before I get anywhere.  It’s inspiring to see Michael’s and Suchi’s successes, knowing how much hard work they’ve put into their craft.  Hard work, experience, and maturity is rewarded, but only if you really work at it. 

I’m really grateful to have had such a relaxing weekend to indulge in my hobbies and activities.  I feel so much more refreshed for the work week. 


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