Half Marathon Training – Week 9

I knew I was going to get sick the minute I walked into Boyfriend’s apartment. He had been fighting a cold for several days, and though my immune system is generally good, it’s not that good.  We had friends over Saturday night to play Magic (which was a lot of fun), and at least one of his coworkers was sick. I think the other was fighting it off.  Either way, I was surrounded by cold germs and there was no way out.

I still wanted to run Sunday morning.  The schedule has us up to 7 miles now.  I initially didn’t want to run 7 miles; I just wasn’t feeling it, and I decided that I might knock my immune system down more if I did.  After forcing myself out of the house, I began my run on campus.  The weather was so beautiful outside – sunny, cool but not cold.  Texas Fall.  My initial laziness quickly morphed into zeal, and I did not want to stop running. I probably would have run the entire 7 miles had I not talked myself out of it.  I already know that I can physically run 7 miles – why knock my immune system down even more?  It was better to do a shorter run and maybe save myself from getting sick, rather than running the full seven and then for sure get sick.

I reluctantly stopped my run after about 4 or 4.5 miles.  Looking back now, I probably should have run the full 7.  That night my throat got sore, and now I’m sick. 

I know there are runners who subscribe to the idea of running if you have symptoms only above the neck, but I’m not one of those runners.  As much as I love running, it can put a lot of stress on your body.  I think it’s better to rest for a couple of days and miss a couple of days of running, rather than continually running and prolonging your illness. 

So, half marathon training is on hold until I can kick this cold in the face.


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