Sick Day

Choosing to take a sick day was harder than you’d think.

I don’t have any imminent deliverables.  My project manager is out of the office.  I’m sure I already inadvertently infected my surrounding work station with my germs by going to work on Monday and Tuesday.  I feel okay today – still have a stuffy nose, general fatigue, and a slight headache now and then.  But since I’m not so sick that I can’t get off the couch (and I’ve been that sick before), I thought I should go into work.

But I talked myself out of it. I don’t feel too much guilt right now, though I would have liked to have saved the sick time.  I can’t complain, though. I have a good immune system so I don’t use up very much sick time.  Last year was anomaly because I got sick twice rather than just once, as is usually the case.  Getting sick is almost like a novelty to me.

The last time I got sick was August 2012.  I don’t remember much about it.  I remember that I had a mean cough that lingered for months.  Apollo was just a baby then, which is partially the reason why I have a hard time remembering being sick.   The first couple months of his puppydom are a blur to me, because work got really busy after we got him, and having a  new puppy is overwhelming.  I do remember that we put up baby gates for him because he wasn’t allowed to wander around the apartment without supervision.  Puppy bedtime was strictly enforced at 10 pm.  And he was too tiny to jump on the couch, so he was always trying to crawl under it.

Over a year later, Apollo is all grown-up and we are very close.  Though he’s not a baby anymore, I was worried about his energy level while I was sick; would I be able to take care of him?  He’s actually been good, though, except for thinking that all my tissues are for his general consumption.  I try to blow my nose and I feel something yanking on the other end of my tissue – it’s my dog, trying to eat it.  I was trying to cuddle him the other night and he kept trying to make these last stand efforts to run to my coffee table and eat more tissues.  He has also been helping himself to any unattended orange juice.

I think I will spend the day just watching TV, finishing up some craft projects, and maybe boosting up a Theros deck I bought a month ago.  I felt guilty about taking a day off, but it’s nice to relax and have an excuse to indulge in laziness.


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