Two Zombie Cross-Stitch Projects Are Complete!

The best part about having a sick day is I was able to finish some crafting projects (while watching a Twilight Zone marathon, of course).

Here is the first project I finished:


I still need to iron it a little better to get the wrinkles from the hoop out.  The stitching gets a little haywire in the zombie’s hands, but I made this for my brother and I do not think he is a cross stitch aficionado.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have finished this one.  I have been working on it for a month now and was just ready to be done with it.  Adding the gray accents was especially tedious, because the color chart is really small and hard to see.  Plus, the colors look too similar to tell apart.  I had to stare at the booklet to determine what the color was.

This project, however, only took me a couple of hours:


It was thankfully very, very easy.

Now I have one more project to complete out of this book to complete my Halloween gifts. I hope I can get it done quickly…I’ve had enough of stitching zombies.


2 thoughts on “Two Zombie Cross-Stitch Projects Are Complete!

  1. You’re really good at sewing! When I was younger we had to do a cross stitch project in school and I remember my teacher told me my project looked like a bird’s nest on the back side (or do you call it the WS?) 😉 I don’t think I’ve learned yet, because the multicolored scarf I’m working on, it looks the same he he! It’s knitted but anyway.. 😉

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