A Busy Bee


I’ve had an urge to stay home lately and work on my projects, a desire that only increases when work gets busier.  Of course I cannot stay home – I have a major report due in a month (there is still data missing for it and how can I do my data analysis without that missing data and I WILL JUST NOT THINK ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW.) I will be out in the field this week, just for an overnight trip.  Then Thanksgiving will be here and Christmas. So much work to wrap up before I take a much-anticipated two-week vacation.

Fall and winter are ideal times for me to sink back into old zombie mode habits, so it’s helpful to have multiple projects to work on.  They keep me motivated.  Speaking of zombies, my “zombie trifecta” cross-stitching extravaganza is about complete.  I have literally two more letters to stitch onto Boyfriend’s project and I’m DONE.  I’m so glad.  I’m sick of zombies.  I’ve started stitching colorful birds in the meantime.  That project is short and I should be done with it within a week, if I really focus on it.

I’ve been practicing drums – not every day (which would be ideal), but enough for me not to feel shame during lessons.  There is one tricky section on “Panama” that I’m working on. Michael told me last week there has been definite progress on my end, which is great.

Still running, which I’ll blog about in a separate post.

Boyfriend has Apollo for the week while I’m out in the field.  I’m used to not seeing Boyfriend every day, but not my puppy. It’s going to be weird coming home and not having him greet me with a happy tail wag and snuggles.  90% of me is sad that he’s gone, but 10% of me looks forward to using the free time to work on projects.  There’s a music project that I’d really like to finish before Christmas, and I can use this week to work on it.

You may see more blog posts this week since I’m not taking care of the pup, or maybe you won’t. It depends how lazy I am feeling.


2 thoughts on “A Busy Bee

  1. I just bought the Most Perfect Cross Stitch for someone on my Christmas list. Now I’m like, “Wait. Now I have to learn to cross stitch? WHY DID I DO THIS?”

    The thing is ginormous too, apparently, which will let to the hilarity, but that just means there are approximately a million stitches. Oh dear. How do you keep yourself motivated to finish? I have a feeling it might make me slightly mad, haha.

    • Ooo ooo! How exciting. What are you stitching? Unless there are complicated stitches, you’ll catch on in no time. I would say just make sure you have enough tension in your stitches, and keep stitching in the same direction. I did not do these things for my first project and it looks like crap now, lol.

      To be honest, making projects for other people holds me accountable to finishing. If I just make something for myself, it’s a lot easier to get bored with it.

      You knit, right? I may be hitting you up for knitting advice. That shit is hard.

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