It’s Almost Thanksgiving and I’m Going to Freak Out

I was looking at my planner on Friday and realized that I have three weeks to finish a big report before my Christmas vacation.

I’m so glad I started on this report early or else I would be in huge trouble now.  I had a question about data that took awhile to track down; it’s finally been resolved, so I can continue with the bulk of the work this week.  One of my coworkers who will be instrumental in the document review will be taking Thanksgiving week off, so I have less than a week to pull together the most important section for her review to stay on track.


In other words, I have too many personal projects to finish up before Christmas.  The first is Collab Challenge. Collab is a Facebook group that my brother, several close friends, and I are a part of.  We used to be really good at setting and completing music challenges, but we’ve all gotten pretty busy the last year or two. Anyway, I challenged everyone to complete a major project by Christmas. I was pretty ambitious for mine and I HAVE NOT EVEN STARTED IT YET, OH GOD.

Then I have several crafty projects that I want to finish for friends and family by Christmas.  They are small little projects from Cross Stitcher magazine, so it won’t be impossible.


This weekend was pretty good, and provided a nice respite to prepare me for the inevitable busyness of the upcoming week. I did not run at all, which is not good. But we took a small road trip for Boyfriend to present his research at a conference (he did very well). Afterward we went to a really neat shop, and I was able to pick up some goodies – a pretty scarf, a journal with a bird on it (I’m a sucker for journals and birds), an owl necklace (I also love owls), fudge, and a ginormous sugar plum candy cane.

I’m also about done with my tropical bird project. The fabric got smudged, which is frustrating; I’ll need to figure out how to clean it.  I also read the new Hyperbole and a Half book, and it is fantastic.

I hope everyone has also had a great weekend.



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