Now You’re Out on the Bottomless Sea…

Hola amigos!

What is new in my totally riveting life?

Well, for starters –

I TOTALLY CUT MY HAIR.  AND I LOVE IT.  It’s a slightly asymmetrical cut.  It goes a little past my chin up front and is a wee shorter in the back.  It’s probably the shortest I’ve had my hair since I was probably three. It takes all of ten minutes to style, if even that.  FANTASTIC.  It’s also red.  There are subtle streaks of reddish-violet in there, too, so I can continue being the wannabe rocker chick that I am without getting, you know, fired.

This week was not incredibly motivating work-wise, but that’s partially because I’ve had unintended time off. I blame that on – SNOWPOCALYPSE.  On Friday morning, I woke up to a thin veneer of snow on the ground.  I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited.  I’ve lived in Texas for nearly 20 years, so this is probably the fourth or fifth time I’ve seen snow in that time.

So basically, when there is ice or snow in Texas, the entire city shuts down. I’m not joking – schools close, non-essential governmental employees stay home, and newscasters urge others to do the same.  Don’t hate – the last time my city experienced snow was three years ago.  It happens very, very infrequently.  None of us know how to drive in it, and we certainly are not equipped to deal with it.

This clip is actually not too far from the truth:

Puppy was unsure of the snow.  He sniffed at it, dug at it a little. But mostly, I think he was just cold. I did not keep him out in it long.

Then on Tuesday, we had more ice.  I stayed home until about noon.  Each day, there were nearly 300 accidents.  You cannot blame me for not wanting to drive in it, especially if no one else knows how to, either.

In other news…my good friend was on TV last night!  He was in an episode of Revolution.  You can check out the video here before it gets deleted – he’s the dark-haired dude on the right.  He kept it hush hush until after the episode aired, in case his scenes were cut.  I think he learned from my experience four years ago, when I was like, “HEY FACEBOOK, I FILMED SOME EPISODES FOR A SHOW ON ABC!” I was in the fourth episode.  The show was canceled after two.  (I really need to blog about that experience, sometime…)

Anyway, I’m really proud of him because this fulfilled a life-long dream of his.  And I think he was great in the part.

I was gonna type more stuff, but I’ll save it for another post.  Until then, you should listen to this song:


The Meandering Update

I remember when I used to post on blogs about every day.  This is clearly not the case anymore.  I guess I still haven’t let go of the idea that all my posts Must Have Some Point.

The point of today’s blog is to provide a rambling and slightly long-winded update on my life.

Last week I was in the field.  It was a long, exhausting job.  We split up the wells into a solo effort, which I have no problem doing…just more physical work for each well.  I got the truck stuck in mud on Monday, which slowed us down considerably.  We still completed all our sampling by Thursday afternoon, but I was just so frustrated with myself since I should KNOW. BETTER. 

Each job in the field always teaches me about myself, and this job taught me that I have the skills to get the job done…I just need to project more confidence about my skills. And that I need to *~believe in myself~* (::insert swelling, hopeful music here::)

I feel a little weird about being so open on this blog so let’s continue this openness, shall we? I have been feeling the January blues lately.  I didn’t realize it until yesterday, when I basically slept my evening away.  I think my body is finally catching up from all the stress I endured at the beginning of the month, plus the physical demands of field work from last week.  It’s empowering to know I can do all that work by self without men (GIRL POWER, etc), but it made me really tired.  I feel a lot better today after all the sleep.  Plus, it’s sunny, and the dog is being extra cute.

Let’s stop talking about my FEELINGS and look at a project I finished:


I really like these owls and they were fun to stitch.  I’m starting the long postponed bird project next.  It’ll make more sense once I post a picture.

I’m super excited because on Friday, I’m going to chop my hair off. I don’t know if it’s just needing to have a new style for the year, or shedding some sort of metaphorical burden, or that I’m deeply unhappy if I don’t change my hair style every 3 to 6 months, or this need to try crazy styles before I turn 30, but whatever. It’s happening. I’ve decided on this:


I’m pretty sure all the men in my life will hate it because men seemed genetically predetermined to like longer hair on women.  But I have decided that it is happening regardless of potential snide comments I may receive from them (particularly my dad, who rarely likes any hairstyle I have and has never kept said feelings to himself. THANKS DAD.)  Boyfriend says he doesn’t care what I do with my hair but made a gentle request of no “Emma Watson” pixie cuts.  I wouldn’t get a pixie cut anyway, because you need a super cute and petite face for that kind of cut, and I would look like a prepubescent boy with a pixie cut.

On Saturday, Boyfriend and I saw Her.  It is a very good film and I really enjoyed it.  We watched it with a bunch of college undergraduates who laughed uncomfortably during what probably should have been tender, pivotal scenes.  I get the idea that a guy dating his operating system can seem uncomfortable but GET OFF MY LAWN KIDS.

Apollo came up to me and started licking my face, so I think this means that he wants attention and I should stop with the random updates.  I’ll be back soon, little blog.

Back to Reality

This weekend, I cleaned and made room for the drum kit, which is now in my bedroom.  It is too big to sit where the electric kit used to sit.  My bedroom isn’t very big either, but the kit fits well in there.  It’s like my own private musician’s corner.  I love playing it.  The dog is not as fond of it.  He must be under some contractual obligation to bark for the first five minutes that I practice.  Then he just sulks on the couch, safely ensconced in his little puppy nest.

I ran ten miles this weekend, running the last mile as quickly as I felt comfortable running.  Boyfriend and I ate by the water, had coffee at the shop next door where we watched a light show.  I cooked on Sunday, making a crockpot meal for us.  It was alright.  I am very picky when it comes to food that I cook.  It just means that I have to try more.

Settling back into work hasn’t been very challenging, except that I go through periods of not wanting to be there.  I’m sure it’s something most employed people are experiencing at this very moment.  Isn’t the Monday after New Year’s supposed to be the most depressing?  I wasn’t depressed, not like I thought I’d be.  There’s residual sadness that I carry with me from the New Year, that I will likely be carrying for awhile.  But it also feels good to be back at work, back within my routine, having a clean apartment for myself and Puppy to enjoy, and waiting for weekends so I can see Boyfriend again.  Our friends will be coming up to visit me this weekend, and I am so excited.

My friend Suchi made all of us a mix CD for Christmas.  All the songs on there are perfect and it has been my work soundtrack for the week.

Inspired by this article I read at Tiny Buddha,   I decided to make a small list of things I want to accomplish for January. I have a very vague list of New Year’s resolutions, sure (“Stress less! Write more!”) but this article was really inspiring to me. I think it’s better to make a small list of easily accomplished tasks to work on instead of overwhelming yourself with trying to be the Best Person Ever.  I think it’ll be easier to see tangible changes that way too, as opposed to continuing with my other vague resolutions (because really, how can I quantify “stress less?”)

-Learn two pages of “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
-Use my new cast iron tea kettle at least once
-Get to chapter 10 of my biology coloring book
-Finish a book
-Start cross-stitch bird project
-Finish crochet project
-Complete 5 writing exercises
-Complete 10 music reviews

Back to work I go.

A Crafty Update

Hi everyone!

Since I have the day off, I’m updating this blog because WHY NOT.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy craft-wise, mainly with cross-stitching.  I realized after my last project that I’ve been STITCHING INCORRECTLY THIS ENTIRE TIME.  Usually with cross-stitching, you have to stitch with two strands, right?  So I would thread the needle all the way through with the two strands, like this:

Incorrect Way

Essentially, this made four strands.  That’s why my stitches looked really thick and gross.  You’re supposed to thread the needle like this instead:

Correct Way

Once I had this epiphany, my stitches started looking so much better, as you can see from the pictures.  These owls are my current project and should be finished this weekend.  Also, I won’t run out of thread so quickly. I’m glad I realized my mistakes now before starting more ambitious projects.

So now, let’s review all the projects I completed while stitching incorrectly:

Derpy Bunny

I made this for a Christmas card that I gave to Boyfriend’s parents.  The ears are a little messed up and derpy, and I almost didn’t want to give it to them. But Boyfriend said it looked cute and that no one would notice the ears.

Cute little deer

This deer was for a Christmas card that I gave to my close friend’s mom.  She always has us over for after-Thanksgiving festivities.  She was unable to this year, so had us over a couple of days before Christmas instead.  It was so much fun, and I always feel like family in her home.

Peaceful Dove

This was supposed to be for Boyfriend’s grandmother, but it was just way too messed up to give away. It looks okay from this picture, as it’s been filtered through Instagram.  But I ran out of colors, so the top and bottom colors really do not match. And I used a strip of green right above the heart instead of blue, I guess because I had temporary color blindness and could not tell the threads I was working with clearly were not blue. It was right at the end of this project that I had my epiphany that I’d been stitching incorrectly.  I left this at home instead for my parents.

I’ve also been crocheting. I haven’t worked on it during the break, but will continue with the project this month:

Apollo and yarn

That’s what I’ve been up to the past month.  This month, I’d like to finish a couple more cross-stitching projects and continue organizing my apartment. I had a massive organization effort right before I left for vacation, which was great.  I’d like to keep the apartment looking as organized as possible.

A New Year

Hi everyone.  Wow, it’s already been a month since I’ve posted. I didn’t mean to go MIA.  December was a pretty busy month.  I had to wrap up several reports before leaving for vacation.  I also had a personal music project that I was trying to finish by Christmas, as well as some crafty gifts.  I was able to get everything completed but it just took most of my attention away from this blog.

The vacation had its ups and downs.  I really, really enjoyed spending time with everyone.  A friend who lives outside of the country came to visit, so that was really fun hanging out with her.   I’ll always cherish those memories, especially the nights I spent hanging out with my brother, Boyfriend, and close pals.  But there were also some lows, and New Year’s Eve/New Year’s was pretty rough.   I hate to be so openly vague and I apologize for that.  It just helps writing about it, even if I’m being secretive about it.  There was a difficult situation that arose and while I feel like I handled the situation with as much maturation as I had, I don’t obtain any joy from what happened.  And I don’t really know what the outcome will be.  I’m just taking every thing a day at a time and being as positive as I can about it.  Amor vincit omnia.*

But enough of the vague blogging, because that’s annoying. And also, I don’t want this situation to be fodder for my usual “GOD, I HATE JANUARY” mood.  Because you know what? I’m determined to make the most out of this month.  Sure, it’s cold outside, and I’m kind of in a shitty situation with people I care very deeply about, and I have to go out in the field next week, but you know what? NO.  No negativity this month.  It is sunny outside, and I have the day off, and my furry little butterball is sleeping in his sunny spot.

Also? Boyfriend is driving up in a couple of hours with this:


He got me a drum kit for Christmas/our anniversary! It is one of the best gifts I have ever received and I was choked up as I looked at it.  It’s just so beautiful.  He had an old drum set lying around from his first band, so he enlisted his best friend (a fantastic drummer himself) to refurbish it.  They put mesh drum heads on the kit so I can practice in my apartment without getting evicted.  It’s actually quieter than my electric kit.  They also got me DOUBLE BASS PEDALS.  We shopped for cymbals this week, and there was a ridiculous deal at the local music shop for Zildjian cymbals.  They were all 50% off.  So guess what? I now have Zildjian hi hats, crash, and ride cymbals (the ride came with the kit).  I know probably no one cares about this, but Zildjian cymbals are among the best and the quality is just so awesome.  If you play cymbals on a cheap drum kit and then play Zildjian cymbals, you can never go back to the cheap cymbals.


Before I go, newish music for you.  I’m actually really excited about their album, which is coming out in February:

Happy New Year!  Let’s make 2014 a good one.

*Italicized Latin?  My levels of vague-blogging have reached an all-time high level of douchiness.  I’m sorry.  I’ll stop now.