A New Year

Hi everyone.  Wow, it’s already been a month since I’ve posted. I didn’t mean to go MIA.  December was a pretty busy month.  I had to wrap up several reports before leaving for vacation.  I also had a personal music project that I was trying to finish by Christmas, as well as some crafty gifts.  I was able to get everything completed but it just took most of my attention away from this blog.

The vacation had its ups and downs.  I really, really enjoyed spending time with everyone.  A friend who lives outside of the country came to visit, so that was really fun hanging out with her.   I’ll always cherish those memories, especially the nights I spent hanging out with my brother, Boyfriend, and close pals.  But there were also some lows, and New Year’s Eve/New Year’s was pretty rough.   I hate to be so openly vague and I apologize for that.  It just helps writing about it, even if I’m being secretive about it.  There was a difficult situation that arose and while I feel like I handled the situation with as much maturation as I had, I don’t obtain any joy from what happened.  And I don’t really know what the outcome will be.  I’m just taking every thing a day at a time and being as positive as I can about it.  Amor vincit omnia.*

But enough of the vague blogging, because that’s annoying. And also, I don’t want this situation to be fodder for my usual “GOD, I HATE JANUARY” mood.  Because you know what? I’m determined to make the most out of this month.  Sure, it’s cold outside, and I’m kind of in a shitty situation with people I care very deeply about, and I have to go out in the field next week, but you know what? NO.  No negativity this month.  It is sunny outside, and I have the day off, and my furry little butterball is sleeping in his sunny spot.

Also? Boyfriend is driving up in a couple of hours with this:


He got me a drum kit for Christmas/our anniversary! It is one of the best gifts I have ever received and I was choked up as I looked at it.  It’s just so beautiful.  He had an old drum set lying around from his first band, so he enlisted his best friend (a fantastic drummer himself) to refurbish it.  They put mesh drum heads on the kit so I can practice in my apartment without getting evicted.  It’s actually quieter than my electric kit.  They also got me DOUBLE BASS PEDALS.  We shopped for cymbals this week, and there was a ridiculous deal at the local music shop for Zildjian cymbals.  They were all 50% off.  So guess what? I now have Zildjian hi hats, crash, and ride cymbals (the ride came with the kit).  I know probably no one cares about this, but Zildjian cymbals are among the best and the quality is just so awesome.  If you play cymbals on a cheap drum kit and then play Zildjian cymbals, you can never go back to the cheap cymbals.


Before I go, newish music for you.  I’m actually really excited about their album, which is coming out in February:

Happy New Year!  Let’s make 2014 a good one.

*Italicized Latin?  My levels of vague-blogging have reached an all-time high level of douchiness.  I’m sorry.  I’ll stop now.


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