Back to Reality

This weekend, I cleaned and made room for the drum kit, which is now in my bedroom.  It is too big to sit where the electric kit used to sit.  My bedroom isn’t very big either, but the kit fits well in there.  It’s like my own private musician’s corner.  I love playing it.  The dog is not as fond of it.  He must be under some contractual obligation to bark for the first five minutes that I practice.  Then he just sulks on the couch, safely ensconced in his little puppy nest.

I ran ten miles this weekend, running the last mile as quickly as I felt comfortable running.  Boyfriend and I ate by the water, had coffee at the shop next door where we watched a light show.  I cooked on Sunday, making a crockpot meal for us.  It was alright.  I am very picky when it comes to food that I cook.  It just means that I have to try more.

Settling back into work hasn’t been very challenging, except that I go through periods of not wanting to be there.  I’m sure it’s something most employed people are experiencing at this very moment.  Isn’t the Monday after New Year’s supposed to be the most depressing?  I wasn’t depressed, not like I thought I’d be.  There’s residual sadness that I carry with me from the New Year, that I will likely be carrying for awhile.  But it also feels good to be back at work, back within my routine, having a clean apartment for myself and Puppy to enjoy, and waiting for weekends so I can see Boyfriend again.  Our friends will be coming up to visit me this weekend, and I am so excited.

My friend Suchi made all of us a mix CD for Christmas.  All the songs on there are perfect and it has been my work soundtrack for the week.

Inspired by this article I read at Tiny Buddha,   I decided to make a small list of things I want to accomplish for January. I have a very vague list of New Year’s resolutions, sure (“Stress less! Write more!”) but this article was really inspiring to me. I think it’s better to make a small list of easily accomplished tasks to work on instead of overwhelming yourself with trying to be the Best Person Ever.  I think it’ll be easier to see tangible changes that way too, as opposed to continuing with my other vague resolutions (because really, how can I quantify “stress less?”)

-Learn two pages of “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
-Use my new cast iron tea kettle at least once
-Get to chapter 10 of my biology coloring book
-Finish a book
-Start cross-stitch bird project
-Finish crochet project
-Complete 5 writing exercises
-Complete 10 music reviews

Back to work I go.


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