The Meandering Update

I remember when I used to post on blogs about every day.  This is clearly not the case anymore.  I guess I still haven’t let go of the idea that all my posts Must Have Some Point.

The point of today’s blog is to provide a rambling and slightly long-winded update on my life.

Last week I was in the field.  It was a long, exhausting job.  We split up the wells into a solo effort, which I have no problem doing…just more physical work for each well.  I got the truck stuck in mud on Monday, which slowed us down considerably.  We still completed all our sampling by Thursday afternoon, but I was just so frustrated with myself since I should KNOW. BETTER. 

Each job in the field always teaches me about myself, and this job taught me that I have the skills to get the job done…I just need to project more confidence about my skills. And that I need to *~believe in myself~* (::insert swelling, hopeful music here::)

I feel a little weird about being so open on this blog so let’s continue this openness, shall we? I have been feeling the January blues lately.  I didn’t realize it until yesterday, when I basically slept my evening away.  I think my body is finally catching up from all the stress I endured at the beginning of the month, plus the physical demands of field work from last week.  It’s empowering to know I can do all that work by self without men (GIRL POWER, etc), but it made me really tired.  I feel a lot better today after all the sleep.  Plus, it’s sunny, and the dog is being extra cute.

Let’s stop talking about my FEELINGS and look at a project I finished:


I really like these owls and they were fun to stitch.  I’m starting the long postponed bird project next.  It’ll make more sense once I post a picture.

I’m super excited because on Friday, I’m going to chop my hair off. I don’t know if it’s just needing to have a new style for the year, or shedding some sort of metaphorical burden, or that I’m deeply unhappy if I don’t change my hair style every 3 to 6 months, or this need to try crazy styles before I turn 30, but whatever. It’s happening. I’ve decided on this:


I’m pretty sure all the men in my life will hate it because men seemed genetically predetermined to like longer hair on women.  But I have decided that it is happening regardless of potential snide comments I may receive from them (particularly my dad, who rarely likes any hairstyle I have and has never kept said feelings to himself. THANKS DAD.)  Boyfriend says he doesn’t care what I do with my hair but made a gentle request of no “Emma Watson” pixie cuts.  I wouldn’t get a pixie cut anyway, because you need a super cute and petite face for that kind of cut, and I would look like a prepubescent boy with a pixie cut.

On Saturday, Boyfriend and I saw Her.  It is a very good film and I really enjoyed it.  We watched it with a bunch of college undergraduates who laughed uncomfortably during what probably should have been tender, pivotal scenes.  I get the idea that a guy dating his operating system can seem uncomfortable but GET OFF MY LAWN KIDS.

Apollo came up to me and started licking my face, so I think this means that he wants attention and I should stop with the random updates.  I’ll be back soon, little blog.


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