Now You’re Out on the Bottomless Sea…

Hola amigos!

What is new in my totally riveting life?

Well, for starters –

I TOTALLY CUT MY HAIR.  AND I LOVE IT.  It’s a slightly asymmetrical cut.  It goes a little past my chin up front and is a wee shorter in the back.  It’s probably the shortest I’ve had my hair since I was probably three. It takes all of ten minutes to style, if even that.  FANTASTIC.  It’s also red.  There are subtle streaks of reddish-violet in there, too, so I can continue being the wannabe rocker chick that I am without getting, you know, fired.

This week was not incredibly motivating work-wise, but that’s partially because I’ve had unintended time off. I blame that on – SNOWPOCALYPSE.  On Friday morning, I woke up to a thin veneer of snow on the ground.  I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited.  I’ve lived in Texas for nearly 20 years, so this is probably the fourth or fifth time I’ve seen snow in that time.

So basically, when there is ice or snow in Texas, the entire city shuts down. I’m not joking – schools close, non-essential governmental employees stay home, and newscasters urge others to do the same.  Don’t hate – the last time my city experienced snow was three years ago.  It happens very, very infrequently.  None of us know how to drive in it, and we certainly are not equipped to deal with it.

This clip is actually not too far from the truth:

Puppy was unsure of the snow.  He sniffed at it, dug at it a little. But mostly, I think he was just cold. I did not keep him out in it long.

Then on Tuesday, we had more ice.  I stayed home until about noon.  Each day, there were nearly 300 accidents.  You cannot blame me for not wanting to drive in it, especially if no one else knows how to, either.

In other news…my good friend was on TV last night!  He was in an episode of Revolution.  You can check out the video here before it gets deleted – he’s the dark-haired dude on the right.  He kept it hush hush until after the episode aired, in case his scenes were cut.  I think he learned from my experience four years ago, when I was like, “HEY FACEBOOK, I FILMED SOME EPISODES FOR A SHOW ON ABC!” I was in the fourth episode.  The show was canceled after two.  (I really need to blog about that experience, sometime…)

Anyway, I’m really proud of him because this fulfilled a life-long dream of his.  And I think he was great in the part.

I was gonna type more stuff, but I’ll save it for another post.  Until then, you should listen to this song:


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