A Day Off – Fantasy vs. Reality

Here’s how I imagine a perfect day off goes –

Sleep late.  Spend my morning being creatively productive. I open up my mixed media journal, mix some paints, and go at it.  I submit poetry to that contest I’ve been wanting to enter.  I learn the entire last two pages of the song I’ve been learning.  I finish my craft project.  I write in my journal. I read for hours.  The apartment gets completely cleaned. I make meaningful posts in my blog. I cook dinner early.

Here’s how my day off actually went.

Wake up at 6:45, which is total crap. Say bye to Boyfriend, who doesn’t have a day off because SCIENCE. Internet.  Go to Barnes and Noble, Half Price, HEB.  Craft for ten minutes.  Mean Girls is on TV? Time to watch it for the 56th time.  Fall asleep. Look up recipes and get sucked into an internet vortex about how everyone apparently hates the Pioneer Woman.  Tidy the apartment. Practice drums for ten minutes.  Facebook. Facebook. Facebook.  It’s 8:40 and I still haven’t made dinner yet? Damn it.



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