All Around and Away We Go

I am so obsessed with this song.


State of Jenny Address

Yesterday I had to go for medical monitoring. Every two years, I get a check-up to ensure that the potentially hazardous chemicals I deal with while doing field work hasn’t harmed my health.  The location is a pain to get to – it’s near the university and with traffic, it took me exactly 45 minutes to get there.  Ridiculous.  But the appointment went smoothly and I was able to return to work at a decent hour.

As I was stuck in traffic, I was reminiscing about my first medical monitoring appointment, when I was a brand-new employee six years ago…it was just weeks after my accident, so I was still driving a rental car.  I’d written the directions down wrong and had gotten hopelessly lost.  I was such a baby back then.

I’ve been keeping very busy at work. I really enjoy what I do and I derive a lot of satisfaction from it.  There’s just been a lot of deadlines lately, so that can get a little stressful.  I did a lot of project tracking for the first several years of my employment and while I was glad to have the project opportunities, I didn’t see myself doing those tasks for the rest of my life.  But the past year or two, I’ve really gotten on projects that I enjoy and that I graduated from school to work on – remediation.  I feel a lot more useful now with my career and I think it is a good fit.  So I don’t mind as much if it keeps me incredibly busy…at least it is rewarding.

I’ve been pretty tired when I get home, though…I’ve been a horrible drum student lately and haven’t practiced in about two weeks.  Michael was working SXSW so that gave me an excuse not to practice. I need to get back on it.  I haven’t even been watching Game of Thrones or getting on Steam…I just veg when I get home. I have been working on some crafts and reading The Viral Storm (which is soooo good).  I’ll need to do a craft update.  I completed one or two projects and am in the middle of a couple of others.

I will have an inadvertent day off on Friday because Boyfriend is getting his wisdom teeth removed, making me the designated driver/nurse.  I will need to do a little work so I won’t fall behind, but I’m sure I’ll have time as he’ll be knocked out most of the day.  I’m actually looking forward to the downtime, though I do wish he didn’t have to get his teeth removed for it.

It’s just been a busy year, eventful in many ways.  I’ve been content for the most part but feeling stressed at times.  I don’t sleep through the night anymore, always waking up for some reason…It is hard for me not to try and plan ahead about things that haven’t even happened yet. I’m just trying to stay focused on taking every day at a time, and being kind of myself. I always find something to feel guilty about and it’s dumb.  It’s like my brain wants me to stress about something.

Well, that’s about it.  I will try and update more soon with something more concrete than “This is what I’ve been doing at work.” I miss writing dumb posts.

Red River

So much sadness for the SXSW tragedy.  An irresponsible reveler, with no regard for human life, had to mar what is supposed to be a celebration of music and the arts. I suppose it is human nature to compulsively try and make some kind of connection to a tragedy, and I find myself doing it now…thinking of how many times I’ve walked up and down Red River to go to a show, parking right across the street from where the accident occurred, or remembering my own SXSW experiences.  I can only hope there is no more loss of life from this, and that those that were injured can make a full recovery.

March Resolutions

Hello everyone.  This week has been insanely busy. I have about five various things due within the next two weeks and I’m trying not to freak out about those prospects.  These days I am letting myself get too stressed out over my job.  I really like what I do and I take it so seriously sometimes that I can’t take a step back sometimes.  If I make a mistake, I take it very hard.

Somehow, it’s already March.  Let’s take a look at my February resolutions.

-Get to page 4 of “Since I’ve Been Loving You.”  Very close.  I’m about at the end of page 3.
-Use my new cast iron tea kettle at least once.  Haha. No.
-Get to chapter 10 of my biology coloring book.  No.
-Finish a book.  Yes! I finished two, and one of them was A Game of Thrones! I feel like I deserve a medal for finishing that one (I mean…it was really good…but it was also over 800 pages).
-Finish crochet project.  I started it over because it looked really stupid.  I’m about done with this project and will post a picture when I do.
-Complete 5 writing exercises.  I did two, I think.
-Complete 1 music review.  No.
-Start independent study of Texas regulatory laws for work. I started this on March 1. So kind of, but not really.
-Complete one page of preliminary background info for Professional Engineer’s license.  No. But I thought about it. And that was a massive improvement.

Since March is going to be an insanely busy month, I will keep the same resolutions as February’s…and see what happens.