March Resolutions

Hello everyone.  This week has been insanely busy. I have about five various things due within the next two weeks and I’m trying not to freak out about those prospects.  These days I am letting myself get too stressed out over my job.  I really like what I do and I take it so seriously sometimes that I can’t take a step back sometimes.  If I make a mistake, I take it very hard.

Somehow, it’s already March.  Let’s take a look at my February resolutions.

-Get to page 4 of “Since I’ve Been Loving You.”  Very close.  I’m about at the end of page 3.
-Use my new cast iron tea kettle at least once.  Haha. No.
-Get to chapter 10 of my biology coloring book.  No.
-Finish a book.  Yes! I finished two, and one of them was A Game of Thrones! I feel like I deserve a medal for finishing that one (I mean…it was really good…but it was also over 800 pages).
-Finish crochet project.  I started it over because it looked really stupid.  I’m about done with this project and will post a picture when I do.
-Complete 5 writing exercises.  I did two, I think.
-Complete 1 music review.  No.
-Start independent study of Texas regulatory laws for work. I started this on March 1. So kind of, but not really.
-Complete one page of preliminary background info for Professional Engineer’s license.  No. But I thought about it. And that was a massive improvement.

Since March is going to be an insanely busy month, I will keep the same resolutions as February’s…and see what happens.


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