Bland Basic Bitch

I read Emma Stone call herself a “bland basic bitch,” tongue-in-cheek, based off of comments she’d read about herself on the internet.* I’ve been feeling that way this week, myself – the need to head to Target and seriously exchange my wardrobe for a new one. I try to be a good girl at Target – back in the day, when I was only in the city for a year or so and was still very lonely, I used to spend my weekends shopping. It made me feel better. There were so many things about the city I could have explored, but I was like, “NOPE, time to spend $200 at Target instead!” I no longer take what I call, “I’m bored, fuck it” shopping trips and try to cap any Target expenditures to $50 for one visit. It’s great for my savings account…but not so much for my wardrobe.

But yes. I need new jeans. I only wear skinny jeans and I’m getting tired of skinny jeans. Some spring dresses would be nice…as well as some fancier tops for work. I can never say no to new shoes either.

Also, when I inevitably get bored of my current hairstyle in another month or two, I think this is what I’m going to do:


I love it!

So let’s see. What has been going on?  My family came to visit last weekend, and that was a lot of fun. My brother Patrick and I went to Aziz Ansari’s show, which was hilarious.  I really enjoyed his set and his thoughts on relationships and marriage.  Pretty insightful. I love going to comedy shows that make you think about how the way our generation lives and thinks – I love Louis CK for that reason, too.

The ACL lineup came out and I was pre-tty excited about it. I don’t think I’m going for the full weekend because Patrick and Boyfriend don’t listen to as much indie music as I do, so I don’t want them to pay a bunch of money for bands they don’t really listen to.  We’re going to choose a day (spoiler alert – whatever day Eminem plays, because my brother is a humongous fan).

Boyfriend is all caught up with Game of Thrones, which has filled a void in my life because now I can actually talk about my FEELINGS about the Red and Purple Weddings.

I haven’t been reading as much as I should because I’ve been working pretty hardcore on my craft projects. I finally finished this guy:

My heart beeps for you

I’m working on stitching a thank you card for Boyfriend’s aunt next; she brought me a shirt, scarf, and puppy treats for Apollo, which was really nice…especially considering I’ve only met her once, at his cousin’s wedding last year.

Yesterday was Apollo’s second birthday, and he spent it being a jerk.  Seriously, he peed on the floor twice.  Right now he is curled up next to me, asleep, so all is forgiven.

I better get my lazy self up and get ready…Boyfriend will be here in another hour or so.  We’re going to a drum clinic this afternoon that Michael is putting on…the former drummer for Chicago is leading it. I am very excited.

*If you think that Emma Stone is a “bland basic bitch,” then you have serious insecurity issues because she is amazing.  Does that sound too fan-girly? Whatever.  Also, I am emotionally invested in hers and Andrew Garfield’s relationship and would be sad if they ever broke up.**

**Other celebrity relationships I am emotionally invested in: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett used to be on that list too but they broke my heart by divorcing.


“Now that the walls have been broke, I tell you how I want to feel”

Did my taxes 24 hours before they were due…what is UP.

My sleeping schedule isn’t the best. I told myself I would be asleep by now, and here it is, already nearly 12:30 am.  I’m tired but I just don’t want to sleep. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, but for different reasons entirely, I suppose.  The pup is curled up next to me and my mind is racing, wanting to create.  But I should go to sleep so I can at least be a functional adult tomorrow at work. Boo.

But first.

My weekend.

It was very relaxing.

You were probably expecting something epic given my sentence structure and here I am, massively disappointing you.

I will say that both Boyfriend’s and my cars are both acting incredibly stupid, coincidentally at the same time. I think mine is in better shape than his.  I will take it in for repairs next weekend, because my family is coming to visit and since my dad was a former mechanic, he can be my translator/haggler.  I have an extremely limited set of skills and while these skills can come in handy if needed (checking the oil level/adding oil; coolant, windshield wiper, and transmission fluid checks; checking tire pressure and filling tires with air), they are not enough for me to understand, you know, what actually is wrong with my car.  I think the transmission is acting up.  There may be a coolant leak too.   It should be a law of the universe that car problems happen whenever you think, “Yay, I have a little extra money!” thoughts.

Boyfriend bought me some Magic duel decks this past weekend that I am eager to open and play with.  He knows the way to mah heart.

This morning I had to drive back in rain.  Thanks to my errant judgment in driving in flash flood warning weather last year, I’m a little traumatized when it comes to driving in thunderstorms.  It is right up there on my Things I Severely Dislike list, which also includes Nancy Grace and this goddamn song.  (I really love indie music but this song sounds like the indie genre just threw up all over it and GOD MAKE IT STOP).  But as I drove out of CS, as the clouds loomed threateningly above me, a Rage Against the Machine song came on the radio and I felt fired up. I was fucking READY for some crazy thunderstorm drivin’ fun.

And it hardly rained my entire drive. So that’s good, I guess.

I’m expecting some packages in the mail this week and I feel like a little child. My ipsy beauty bag came in the mail today so that was exciting. I’m waiting on four more things: an engraved pet tag for Apollo that his name and Boyfriend’s and my phone numbers, in case the little jerk runs off on us again; these two lovely books; and a sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project, which is an incredibly exciting yet intimidating project that I will be participating in.

Oh, so I found out that it takes like 3 months to find out if my poems will get published or not. Gahhhhhh put me out of my misery, Submittable, I MUST KNOW.

This weekend I was very productive with my crafts. Boyfriend started watching Game of Thrones (albeit distractedly since he’s doing work while watching the episode, so he’s missing out on some plot points.) I have to try really hard not to be a geek about the show.  “LET ME TELL YOU THIS CHARACTER’S ENTIRE BACK STORY AS EXPLAINED IN BOOK ONE, BOYFRIEND.”

Also, I’m quite annoyed at media outlets who try and be subtle with spoilers, but then title articles with things like, “What’s Next For (Insert Actor Here Whose Character Clearly Died In Last Night’s Episode)” or put pictures next to a headline line, “Last Night’s Episode Was Traumatic.” Last night’s episode was completely spoiled for me even though I tried hard to stay away from spoilers. Add that to the list.

ANYWAY. Looky.

Heart Keychain

I’m really pleased with how this came out.  It just makes for a lovelier spring decoration, I think, than a keychain (which is what it was supposed to be).  It was much prettier than I thought it would be.  I will gift it to Boyfriend’s grandmother.

Heart notebook

This was a speedy little project.  It is a notebook with “Things I Love” at the bottom of the cover. I just need to glue the pages to the cover and it will be ready to write in.

Oh good god, it’s almost 1 am.   Before I leave, some music.  I listened to this song as I was driving into the town, the skies dark and treacherous but beautiful, and I was in a reflective mood.



Ginormous Craft Update

Oh hey guys.

So I haven’t made a craft update since like…January.

Well grab a glass of wine, milk, or whatever your drink of choice is and REVEL IN MY HANDIWORK.

So during my lunch hour at work several months ago, I learned how to make coasters:


They were pretty easy. You just buy some blank tiles from Michael’s or wherever, Mod Podge some pretty paper on top of it, and BAM.

I liked my set so much that I decided to make my mother a set.


This time I glued paper on both sides of the coaster. I’m not sure I would recommend doing that. I wrapped up the coasters in some wrapping paper a little preemptively, so when my mother opened the package, all the coasters were stuck together. She was able to pull most of them apart before giving up and handing the last glued set to Boyfriend.  “I hope I don’t embarrass myself,” he said (he did not embarrass himself and got the coasters unstuck YAY BOYFRIEND).

I also crocheted a scarf.


Apollo is photobombing my craft picture.

I didn’t find out I was crocheting the ends of the rows incorrectly until I was done with the project.  I’m not sure how I feel about this scarf.  I had already unraveled the scarf and started over, so I didn’t really feel like starting over again. I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it. Maybe I can gift it to my mom so she can feel guilty and wear it out of obligation.


I still haven’t finished this.  This was supposed to be part of Boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift. HAHA I AM SUCH A GREAT GIRLFRIEND.


This is my most recently completed project.  It was supposed to be a brooch but I was like, no one is seriously wearing this thing as a brooch. You can’t tell from the picture but it’s as big as my hand. Ok, maybe not as big as my hand, but it’s too ridiculous to wear.  It makes for a pretty Spring decoration, though, so I gave it to my grandmother as part of her birthday gift.

I’m currently working on another CrossStitcher magazine project (a key ring) that I think would be too large/unwieldy/ugly to use as an actual key ring.  Maybe I can add it to the scarf as part of the Guilt Obligation Gift Set to my mom.

You Consider Me a Young Apprentice…

It’s that time of the month when my evening is free and I should be doing chores or something productive, but instead am like LET ME POST FIVE ENTRIES TO THE BLOG.

Hi guys.

What has been going on in my world? Like I mentioned in the last post, a lot of work.  I get to go to a conference here in town next month, which I am excited about.  I will be learning about some environmental regulations so that should be pretty interesting. I am really enjoying the work, despite the heavy load of reports.  I just felt very restless today. I didn’t want to do any of it.

This past weekend Boyfriend and I went home to visit our families.  It was a very healing trip and it went by way too quickly.  We hung out with some of our friends on Saturday night to play board games. I always enjoy game nights with them.

I got my hair done last week.  I evened out my hair cut and the stylist dyed it red.  It looks copper in the light. I am really enjoying it.  I am ready for my hair to grow longer, though, but I’ll have fun with it while it’s still short.  One of my friends told me I’m looking more metal lately, and that is always a compliment.

I’ve been feeling incredibly restless lately.  There are so many things I’d like to peek into the future about but can’t yet.  I’ve been doing a decent job of taking everything a day at a time – trying not to live too far in either my past or my future, to appreciate that the days are long but the years are short. 

Patience.  It is something I appreciate and am only learning how to have.

I should post a craft update.  I’m still working on a couple of odds and ends.

I finally got over the “Red Wedding” trauma and was able to watch Sunday’s episode.  I’m reading the second book right now because I’m a glutton for punishment.  How is it longer than the first book? I don’t know.

I’m still checking Submittable every day and it’s so sad.

OH! I’m learning a new song. I think my drum teacher got tired of me playing Led Zeppelin for the past three months.

I’m too lazy to put it in the video format, so here it is:

I never realized how ridiculous the video was. 

Ok, I guess I should go make a craft update or something.


April Resolutions

Hello, everyone.  Still truckin’.  Work has been ridiculously busy lately.  All of the good junior staff is out in the field at the moment, so my coworker and I are ready to pull our hair out.  I have several things due this week.  I don’t know if I will actually finish them in time. YAYYYYY.

So, how did I do for March Resolutions?

-Get to page 4 of “Since I’ve Been Loving You.”  I got pretty far and then decided to move onto a new song.
-Use my new cast iron tea kettle at least once.  Haha. No.
-Get to chapter 10 of my biology coloring book.  No.
-Finish a book.  I finished one. I think.
-Finish crochet project.  I did. I will have to post a picture.
-Complete 5 writing exercises.  No.
-Complete 1 music review.  No.
-Start independent study of Texas regulatory laws for work. I’ve done so much work the past month that this was not on my radar.
-Complete one page of preliminary background info for Professional Engineer’s license.  I’ve done so much work for the past month that this was not on my radar.

Let’s keep it going for another month…


I submitted my poems for publication for the Texas Poetry Calendar on the 19th.

I used to be very superstitious and never discuss things I wanted, because if I said out loud that I wanted them, THE UNIVERSE WOULDN’T LET IT HAPPEN. But the quality of my poems is what is being considered, not whether or not I told the two people who read this blog that I want to be published.

What was cool about the submission process is you upload the file with program called “Submittable.” Then you can see the status of the editorial board’s review – if it’s been accepted, declined, or in progress. Mine has been “in progress” for the past several weeks, which means that I check Submittable multiple times a day. It’s dumb. There’s no reason for me to. I’m sure I’ll get an email telling me whether or not the poems have been accepted or declined, which means there is no point in checking Submittable. But I still do.

I submitted three poems that I’d written for a graduate poetry course. They had decent feedback from my professor so I figured those had the best chance. I am not going to get my hopes up. For the past two years, I’ve found myself at the book store where the ceremonies for the publication is held, and I’ve heard the poems that are accepted. I don’t think mine really stand a chance, but you never know until you try, right?