Ginormous Craft Update

Oh hey guys.

So I haven’t made a craft update since like…January.

Well grab a glass of wine, milk, or whatever your drink of choice is and REVEL IN MY HANDIWORK.

So during my lunch hour at work several months ago, I learned how to make coasters:


They were pretty easy. You just buy some blank tiles from Michael’s or wherever, Mod Podge some pretty paper on top of it, and BAM.

I liked my set so much that I decided to make my mother a set.


This time I glued paper on both sides of the coaster. I’m not sure I would recommend doing that. I wrapped up the coasters in some wrapping paper a little preemptively, so when my mother opened the package, all the coasters were stuck together. She was able to pull most of them apart before giving up and handing the last glued set to Boyfriend.  “I hope I don’t embarrass myself,” he said (he did not embarrass himself and got the coasters unstuck YAY BOYFRIEND).

I also crocheted a scarf.


Apollo is photobombing my craft picture.

I didn’t find out I was crocheting the ends of the rows incorrectly until I was done with the project.  I’m not sure how I feel about this scarf.  I had already unraveled the scarf and started over, so I didn’t really feel like starting over again. I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it. Maybe I can gift it to my mom so she can feel guilty and wear it out of obligation.


I still haven’t finished this.  This was supposed to be part of Boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift. HAHA I AM SUCH A GREAT GIRLFRIEND.


This is my most recently completed project.  It was supposed to be a brooch but I was like, no one is seriously wearing this thing as a brooch. You can’t tell from the picture but it’s as big as my hand. Ok, maybe not as big as my hand, but it’s too ridiculous to wear.  It makes for a pretty Spring decoration, though, so I gave it to my grandmother as part of her birthday gift.

I’m currently working on another CrossStitcher magazine project (a key ring) that I think would be too large/unwieldy/ugly to use as an actual key ring.  Maybe I can add it to the scarf as part of the Guilt Obligation Gift Set to my mom.


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