Bland Basic Bitch

I read Emma Stone call herself a “bland basic bitch,” tongue-in-cheek, based off of comments she’d read about herself on the internet.* I’ve been feeling that way this week, myself – the need to head to Target and seriously exchange my wardrobe for a new one. I try to be a good girl at Target – back in the day, when I was only in the city for a year or so and was still very lonely, I used to spend my weekends shopping. It made me feel better. There were so many things about the city I could have explored, but I was like, “NOPE, time to spend $200 at Target instead!” I no longer take what I call, “I’m bored, fuck it” shopping trips and try to cap any Target expenditures to $50 for one visit. It’s great for my savings account…but not so much for my wardrobe.

But yes. I need new jeans. I only wear skinny jeans and I’m getting tired of skinny jeans. Some spring dresses would be nice…as well as some fancier tops for work. I can never say no to new shoes either.

Also, when I inevitably get bored of my current hairstyle in another month or two, I think this is what I’m going to do:


I love it!

So let’s see. What has been going on?  My family came to visit last weekend, and that was a lot of fun. My brother Patrick and I went to Aziz Ansari’s show, which was hilarious.  I really enjoyed his set and his thoughts on relationships and marriage.  Pretty insightful. I love going to comedy shows that make you think about how the way our generation lives and thinks – I love Louis CK for that reason, too.

The ACL lineup came out and I was pre-tty excited about it. I don’t think I’m going for the full weekend because Patrick and Boyfriend don’t listen to as much indie music as I do, so I don’t want them to pay a bunch of money for bands they don’t really listen to.  We’re going to choose a day (spoiler alert – whatever day Eminem plays, because my brother is a humongous fan).

Boyfriend is all caught up with Game of Thrones, which has filled a void in my life because now I can actually talk about my FEELINGS about the Red and Purple Weddings.

I haven’t been reading as much as I should because I’ve been working pretty hardcore on my craft projects. I finally finished this guy:

My heart beeps for you

I’m working on stitching a thank you card for Boyfriend’s aunt next; she brought me a shirt, scarf, and puppy treats for Apollo, which was really nice…especially considering I’ve only met her once, at his cousin’s wedding last year.

Yesterday was Apollo’s second birthday, and he spent it being a jerk.  Seriously, he peed on the floor twice.  Right now he is curled up next to me, asleep, so all is forgiven.

I better get my lazy self up and get ready…Boyfriend will be here in another hour or so.  We’re going to a drum clinic this afternoon that Michael is putting on…the former drummer for Chicago is leading it. I am very excited.

*If you think that Emma Stone is a “bland basic bitch,” then you have serious insecurity issues because she is amazing.  Does that sound too fan-girly? Whatever.  Also, I am emotionally invested in hers and Andrew Garfield’s relationship and would be sad if they ever broke up.**

**Other celebrity relationships I am emotionally invested in: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett used to be on that list too but they broke my heart by divorcing.


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