Generic Title for Generic Update

Any time you finish something you’ve been looking forward to for months, the next question is, “…well, what’s next?”

After I finished the marathon, I wondered what I could possibly focus on next.  I had told one person my marathon time and the next thing I knew, someone I hadn’t even met before was emailing me and asking me to run a 10K in April.  He was positive I could run it in sub-50 minutes; me, not so much. I considered doing it, but decided to pass on the opportunity.  With all the field work I have coming up this month and next, I don’t feel like I’d have the opportunity to train properly for it, especially considering the expectations people have of me now to finish in a certain time.  Plus, I felt like training for something so soon after the marathon would just burn me out from running.

So, what is next?  Work.  Work has been keeping me very busy.  I have field work on and off for the rest of the month.  It’s different field work than I’ve been doing so I’m pretty excited about it.  But it’s also been a little challenging trying to wrap up office work in time for both field work and my little mini-vacation coming up in a couple of weeks.  People are stressed and tensions are running high.

I’m woefully behind on the craft updates.  I’ve been working slowly through some. I’m also way behind in my creativity course but I hope to catch up at some point.

I’m kind of in all the things mode right now. I want to finally finish my SER and apply for my P.E. license, damn it.  I want to start Code Academy.  I want to start going to DIY workshops and learn about tools after a completely frustrating experience I had with a Home Depot employee last week (I actually had to tell him, “I don’t want to be judged for being a woman,” so that should give you an idea of how that conversation was going).  But right now, I just have to get through March; or to my vacation, at least.

Also, I’ve been obsessed with song lately. I don’t know, it’s just a good song.

I should plan on going to sleep. I hate Daylight Savings Time. I just cannot be an adult during the first couple of days after Spring Forward.

I don’t feel like this was a comprehensive update, but whatever.


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