I don’t want to go to sleep so you get a post YAYYYYYYY

I’m just going to accept that I’m in the “Omg, how is it already (month/year here)” phase of my life here.

This has to be super short because I have to staff a hotline starting at 8 AM tomorrow and is it terrible that I consider getting to the office by 8:15 “early?” So the fact that I’m still awake after midnight means I’m LIVING DANGEROUSLY.t

It’s been a busy week.  One of the projects I’m on is in the “ALL REPORTS MUST GO” phase, so I’ve been trying to wrap up this one particularly frustrating report that I’ve been working on, oh, for the past year (true and long story).  And just when that report is miraculously wrapped up – more data comes in! In the form of seven or eight reports.  So time to review those reports and add more data to mine, possibly changing everything in the process again.

I’m going to stop talking about work because no one cares.

We all moved to the first floor to make room for the other office to move in (since we’ve merged). I like my new space a lot. I’ve already added my pictures and knickknacks to my new cube, and it feels homey.  I sit next to my team leader and my work buddy.  I’ve thrown away a lot of junk that had accumulated in my nearly 7.5 years (!) of employment, so it’s so nice and freeing to have less STUFF. I’m trying to adopt this spring cleaning approach at home, too.  My apartment was once big enough for just me, but now with a dog, a boyfriend who stays with me on weekends, and an alarming amount of craft supplies, I am starting to run out of space.  It is a total first world problem, I acknowledge this wholly.  So I’m trying to reorganize all my stuff so that I don’t turn into one of those people from Hoarders in twenty years or something.


I’m taking a good chunk of the day off on Friday and I am so excited. I am driving to see Boyfriend tomorrow if the weather holds up, and then we’re going to go visit our families on Friday.  I don’t know if anyone has been following the weather in Texas or cares, but it has basically been like this for the last two or three weeks:  “Chance of rain and thunderstorms.  Oh, and some of these storms are going to drop like seven inches of rain so get ready for flash floods.  And if you are in Dallas, there are gonna be tornadoes.  Deal with it!!!”

I’ve already packed my craft bag.  Like, why do I pack so many things? Am I really going to do watercolors, cross-stitching, and crochet all this weekend? Nope, but I’m going to pack my stuff like I am anyway.

I’m rambling and kind of exhausted-hyper if that makes sense.

Last weekend Boyfriend and I saw Rush.  It was pretty badass.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Rush for a looooong time, but in recent years have warmed up to them.  It’s really because of Boyfriend; not like our musical interests always overlap, but hearing Rush always reminded me of him, even before we started dating (because the first time I met Boyfriend back in 2009 was after I watched him onstage performing with his band and they played a Rush song, AWWWWW).  Also, Neil Peart is a badass.  I’ve never seen anyone drum like him!  He does the most badass technical solos ever and almost looks like he’s bored doing it.  He was hands down the best drummer I’ve seen (I’m sorry Dave Grohl, you are still mah #1).  His playing style is a huge contrast to Dave Grohl’s, which is basically “I’M GOING TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF MY DRUMS UNTIL I GIVE MYSELF CARPAL TUNNEL.” *

I’m just saying that air drumming along to the “Tom Sawyer” solo was pretty awesome.  It’s definitely a check off my musical bucket list, like singing “NA, NA NA NANANANANANA, HEY JUUUUUUDE!” along with the audience at a Paul McCartney show (which I’ve totally done.  /bragging).  I haven’t played drums in months but seeing it makes me want to get back on my kit and finally learn that goddamn song so I can feel like less of a failure as a human being.

Also, why is this song so pretty?

This has nothing to do with Rush, but I’m also digging this song so much:

I am aiming for my next post to actually be cohesive, with an actual theme about my creative pursuits and less of GUYS LOOK AT ME INTERNET YELL. But whatever.  It’s been a long week and I’m wired.

Night night!!!

*My drum teacher said that, as much as he loves Dave Grohl, he would never have his students learn to play the way Dave Grohl does, because apparently his wrists are really inflexible. My teacher is basically amazed that Dave Grohl doesn’t have a massive case of carpal tunnel.


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