June Update – Being Awkward Around Famous People, Shows, Crafting

Hi everyone.

I just have to say how elated I am over the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday.  What a beautiful day for love and equality.  #lovewins

What have I been up to?

1.  Awkwardly meeting famous people.  So I met Nick Offerman earlier this month at his book signing.



He was a really cool guy, but I was SO. AWKWARD. I cringe when I think of our conversation and how I seemed to have forgotten the skill of making basic conversation.  It started off with me apologizing for buying three copies of his book. WHY WOULD ANY PERSON FEEL THE NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR THAT? Like I’m giving him money by buying three copies of his book, and I felt the need to apologize for it.


I am too embarrassed to continue blogging about it.

2.  Going to a badass show

My brother, friend, and I saw Bully this past Tuesday in concert.  They were badass.  It’s been so long since I’ve been able to feel that sort of raw energy at a concert.  It brought me back to five or six years ago when I had just started going to shows.

We first went to short performance at Waterloo Records.  This was the album release date, so it was pretty cool to be there for that. Alicia Bognanno, the lead singer, then signed albums afterward. She was so nice!

My brother is in this picture but I didn't think he wanted his picture all over the internet. Hi Alicia Bognanno! You're badass.

My brother is in this picture but I didn’t think he wanted his picture all over the internet. Hi Alicia Bognanno! You’re badass.

Then we went to the show at Emo’s later in the evening, which just left us buzzing with happiness and excitement and creative energy. It’s been awhile since I’ve been so excited by a band.  Seriously, if you haven’t checked them out, DO IT. NOW.

3.  Crafting.

Short rant – I was going to make an upload of the various crafts I’ve worked on since December, but (sigh), they’ve mostly been smaller cross-stitching items. I really had ambitions about making this space something useful, where I would post crafts, eventually tutorials…but honestly, my skill set is nowhere where it needs to be for me to be doing tutorials.  When I think about where I want to progress with my creative life (starting a part-time Etsy business, creating pattterns and projects on my own, posting tutorials on blogs), I’m a good ten years away from doing that.

So what really is the point of this blog then? When I was in my younger twenties, I envisioned myself as a blogger that would eventually get attention just by people being interested in “quirky ole me.”  But you have to actually do interesting and exciting things to garner any kind of attention. I miss Vox.  That was the best blogging platform.  And I don’t have the need to share every detail of my life as I did ten years ago.

To the two or three people who are semi-interested in what I have to say – thank you.


Enough blog self-loathing.

So I tried making this kimono today.  It was an easy no-pattern project from Mollie Makes that had my name on it.

…it’s really not my style.  I’m going to try and reuse the fabric for a wrap skirt, if I can.  I’d hate to waste the fabric – it’s so airy and pretty, even if jersey is a little more difficult for a newbie like me to use.

4.  Upcoming Travels

I have field work next week here in town, and then at my site in a coupe of weeks.  Then…BOSTON.  And then in the fall…ARIZONA.  I’ve never been to Massachusetts or Arizona, so I’m pretty excited.  Even if it involves more plane rides. I hate flying, but I’m really working on getting over my fears because AIN’T NO ONE GOT TIME FOR THAT.

5.  Birthday!

Well, that’s coming up next week. I’ll be 31!

6. Gardening.

Or rather, trying not to kill my plants.

7.  Game of Thrones Geekdom.

So I have to say, the ninth episode of the last season emotionally scarred me and I have never cried during an episode of television like I did then.  It was terrible. And a major storyline in the season finale was spectacularly spoiled by someone on my friend’s list who is NO LONGER MY FACEBOOK FRIEND (though I’m kind of sorry for my rude post I left him before I dropped him.  Sorry not sorry).

So now that the show is caught up with the books, I’ve been indulging in book spoilers and theories now and they’re SO juicy – like R + L = J and Lady Stoneheart.  I’m giving the second book a try and I’m a third of the way through it.

Well, that’s pretty much it.  Hopefully I’ll update this more than once a month.


4 thoughts on “June Update – Being Awkward Around Famous People, Shows, Crafting

  1. Ooh, I know this song! It’s really good! And you met the lead singer – how cool!

    Are Boston and Arizona for work or leisure? You’d best face your fears of flying soon, girl. There is too much to see in this world!

    • YAY I’m so glad you’ve heard of them. Haha. I’m going to both for leisure. Yes, I’m still afraid of flying but I’m not letting it stop me. Already flew to Colorado this year!

  2. how fun. I’ve never listened to bully. And now here I am streaming there songs. I’m awkward meeting famous people too. Still. As one of the few, i do appreciate the blog posts. I never blog anymore. I just tweet, and IG. Blogging was fun on Vox. In many ways. Have fun in your travels.

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