Where I’ve Been

Holy crap, so much has happened since I last blogged.  It’s hard to believe it’s already September.  The last two months have gone by so quickly.  Where do I start?

July started off pretty quietly.  A couple of days before my birthday, Boyfriend found out that he had a job interview in my city.  Then a week later at the interview, he was offered a job on the spot!  This happened right before I left for the field.  When I came back from the field, it was already time to go to Boston. I had an afternoon to look for houses.  We put in for a house 11 pm on a Friday, right before our 5:30 am flight the next morning.  The rental market in this city is insane and we ended up not getting the house we first put in for.  But it was meant to be.  We found out we didn’t get the house while we were still in Boston, which was nice since it allowed us to keep our minds off of losing the house for a bit.

Boston was amazing, by the way!  We stayed with Boyfriend’s aunt in Rhode Island, which was really fun.  We walked along the Freedom Trail, saw whales during a whale-watching tour, and oh yeah…saw the Foo Fighters at Fenway Park.  That show was amaaaazing.  My brother was there with me and it was so much fun to rock out to a show with him there.  I last saw the Foos in 2011 as part of their Wasting Light tour, and while that show was great, it just wasn’t the same without Patrick there.  It’s just not a Foos show without Patrick.  We had a really awesome moment singing along to “One of These Days.”  We’re seeing them again in less than a month at ACL. I cannot wait!

When we got back, it was time to find another rental house to apply for.  We put in for one a couple of days later and got it. I really like the house and the new neighborhood. I only live five miles away from my old place, but we’re closer to the center of town, so there are a lot more restaurants and things to do around here.  So many amazing taco restaurants, guys! So many. I love it.  The one thing I don’t like about my new neighborhood is the property crime in the area is a little higher than where I used to live. Also everyone parks along the street, so maneuvering around the cars is annoying.  But these are small quibbles.  I love the new house and neighborhood overall, and am so excited to be in the cooler part of the city, instead of in the suburbs where I used to be.

I’m not going to lie, the last month has been super stressful with moving, getting the house set up, and with Boyfriend wrapping up his graduate career.  But it’s coming together now and is a little less crazy.

I’ve been keeping busy with my crafting.  I took a skirts class last weekend and learned how to make a skirt! I love it!  I also am slowly developing ideas for my own craft site. I’m nowhere near ready yet but have bought the domain name.

I’m keeping busy with running, too.  I decided not to do a full marathon this year.  There’s just too much going on and I’m not committed mentally. I’m training for some half marathons instead, which is more my speed right now.  I just wrapped up the Rugged Maniac race with my coworker this past weekend.  It was a blast. I totally did not train for it at all.  I was able to get through just about all of the obstacles. I definitely needed help getting up the Warped Wall, because I totally sucked at that. I was about halfway through the Ringer before I lost my strength and was like, “Fuck it” and fell in.  I skipped the Napoleon Complex, which I kind of feel bad about now, but I think it was the right decision. I didn’t have a problem with any of the other climbing obstacles at the course. But this wall had only two planks and would have been really difficult to ascend by myself, especially since I had just come from a mud pit and didn’t have any traction.  I also had just pulled a muscle climbing over the last obstacle.  It was the only obstacle that I didn’t feel like I could safely finish, and I listened to my gut (it helped that multiple people had the same concerns and were skipping it too) .

All in all, I’m glad I did it. I had been feeling super lazy about going before the race, but reminded myself that when I was a kid and watching my dad do adventure races, that I had always wanted to do one.  And now I was ~living the life I’d always wanted~ or whatever cheesiness.  It’s always good to put yourself outside of your comfort zone, and I definitely did with this race! Especially at the end, with the super steep slide. I was kind of scared before going down it, but glad I did, since it was a blast!

So that’s what’s been happening the past several months.  Stressful but fun.  I’m looking forward to when things slow down in a bit.  For now, I’m going to take advantage of the long weekend and catch up on some movie viewing and crafting with the pup.  Until next time.